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Keith Haring Pop Shop Catalog Fold Out, 1986

Keith Haring Pop Shop Catalog Fold Out, 1986

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Artist Keith Haring's POP SHOP at 292 Lafayette Street opened in 1986. It would be a hub of activity for all manner of fans and art collectors for many years. New merchandise was always much anticipated and there was such magic/inspiration in the overall vibe of Haring's messages through his images. An international following had become especially strong -- attracted to the work and legend of this pioneering, spirited talent. The POP SHOP catalogues were wonderful artworks in and of themselves giving a larger, wider audience the ability to see and sort thru a wild choice of Haring acquisitions that were readily available to wear, show, exhibit, etc.

This particular POP SHOP catalogue offered here is from the early 90's. Possibly 1991. That is mentioned here as the date is not evident on the poster/catalogue itself. But, there is a mention on the order form, in the area of BOOKS, that lists the "Authorized Biography"(Softbound) and (Hardbound) as available to order. The "Authorized Biography" was released a year after Keith's passing in 1990 at age 31.

The design is quite genius in this oversized POP SHOP catalogue. As it starts its reveal to what is inside -- there are 4 larger flaps that open like a "game" - each opens out to show the full expanse of product offerings and a group of youth  - young boys and a girl and a baby - sporting Keith Haring attire. In its various opening stages -- there are numerous fantastic configurations and graphic design treats that can be open and closed to delight the viewer.

The amount and variety of products is absolutely fascinating!! 

Size measures when opened: 25" inches square.

There are tiny "dings" along the very edges of two outer sides of the overall opened seen when the piece is fully opened and a tear to center show in photographs.

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