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Parkett Vol. 12 - 1987 Andy Warhol

Parkett Vol. 12 - 1987 Andy Warhol

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Parkett Vol. 12 - 1987
Andy Warhol
The collaboration artist in this issue is Andy Warhol, with contributions by Stuart Morgan, Glenn O’Brien, Remo Guidieri, Robert Becker. The artist of the insert is Günther Förg.
In publishers shrink wrap.

And texts by Lynne Cooke on “Bill Woodrow, The Ship of Fools,”, Claudio Jolles “Erik Bulatov’s Vision Between the Worlds,” Patrick Frey on “Reinhard Mucha, Connections,” in Les Infos du Paradis writes about “The Exhibition Sculpture Projects Münster 1987.” 

The Cumulus from America and Europe are by Mark Francis and Christopher Knight, and a Balkon by Otto Künzli.

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