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Rare Kara Walker Flocking Invitation, 2008

Rare Kara Walker Flocking Invitation, 2008

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Kara Walker
“A Warm Summer Evening in 1863” 2008
reproduced on an invitation for:
Demons, Yarns & Tales
3 Dec-6 Dec 2008
flocking on heavy card stock
8 1/2 x 5 3/4 inches
Contemporary Tapestries. Kara Walker, Grayson Perry, Beatriz Milhazes, Fred Tomaselli, Ghada Amer, Gavin Turk, Jaime Gili, Paul Noble, Julie Verhoeven, Gary Hume, Francesca Lowe, Shahzia Sikander, Peter Blake. 

At The Loft, NE 1st Court, Miami, Florida 33137, USA.

Looming large against a chaotic illustrated scene, the caricatured silhouette of a hanged young black woman sets a dark tone for Kara Walker’s tapestry, A Warm Summer Night in 1863. Set in the past, this work offers a layer of removal from the present day.

By focusing on a historical scene, Walker creates breathing room to reflect on the now. In all of her work, she frames the continued repercussions of racism throughout US history as a starting point for discussing racial injustice among today’s audiences. This approach allows viewers to engage with a politically charged topic in the abstract. The past becomes a safeguard for reflection upon the present.
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