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Andy Warhol - Portraits of Ingrid Bergman

Andy Warhol - Portraits of Ingrid Bergman

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ASIN ‏ : ‎ B000OABF6Y
Publisher ‏ Galerie Borjeson; First Edition, January 1, 1983
Hardcover ‏
46 pages

Stunning catalog that unfolds to show 48 brightly colored 48 silkscreen portraits of the actress Ingrid Bergman. The portraits done in typical Warhol style features 3 different portraits of Bergman, 1 from Casablanca, 1 of her as a nun from The Bells Of St. Mary, and a studio portrait from the 40's. All are bright and colorful and are printed on heavy glossy stock that pulls out in accordion fashion. There is also one b&w photo portrait of Warhol on the frontispiece by Christopher Makos along with several well known Warhol quotes. 

binding with some wear and cracking, interior of book in excellent condition.


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