Colección: Paintings & Drawings

View selection unique paintings and drawings by Post War & Contemporary artists, including thought-provoking Andy Warhol Flower and Soup Can appropriations by Richard Pettibone and Eric Doeringer, charming unique drawings on paper from the 50's and 70's by Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons and a unique collage on paper by Tony Rosenthal, named a Public Art legend by art critic & professor, Sam Hunter.

Plus there'a a curated selection of abstract and pop paintings and drawings by under-recognized renowned artists including Raymond Hendler, Budd Hopkins, Ethel Fisher, Nancy Shaver, Henry Pearson, Fay Lansner, Stanley Boxer, Robert Yucikas, spanning the 60's to the 90's whose groundbreaking works continue to shape contemporary art movements.

Post War and Contemporary Paintings and Drawings for sale